Rethink Searching Art



We search and analyze the web for art objects and the latest art trends. Thereby we help you to find art objects you love with absolute ease and full discretion.




Find the the newest and most prestigious art presented by the world’s leading international art galleries all in one place. Directly connect with art galleries and artists around the world.



Get your personalized art search customized by and navigate with absolute ease through millions of artworks around the globe.

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No traveling. No queuing. Simply enjoying art. is the next generation art search using state of the art AI technology to find artworks with absolute ease and full convenience.


How It Works

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1. Profile

Set up a profile to find artworks you love. Thereby you can upload pictures of art you like and literally say what you are looking for. It is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

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2. Search

With our technology you don't have to search for the right category or use the right search filter. Your profile is the basis to find your next artwork with absolute ease.

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3. Results

Enter your personalized world of art and connect with galleries and artists around the world. Start collecting online or buy artworks you love.


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"I believe [online access] will broaden the vision for collectors to have access to so many galleries, so many different artists, so much information."

Dominique Levy – Partner, L&M Arts

"Increasingly the art world just become more and more global. We have collectors and artists that living in the most diverse parts of the world."

Ales Ortuzar – Director, David Zwirner

"This is not replacing a bricks and mortar fair but it is giving people that much more ability to engage in the art world."

James Cohan – James Cohan Gallery, Co-Founder VIP Artfair